If you are concerned about your child’s development, the Infant Development Program (IDP) can help. Our IDP program promotes maximum development through expert interventions, consultations and education.

The Infant Development Program is a family-centered, home-based program and serves children from birth to three years, who are at risk for, or who already have a delay in development.

IDP consultants work in partnership with parents and community professionals to assist in developing skills and approaches that enable families to enhance their child’s development.

The IDP is an opportunity for parents to work with experts to help your child reach developmental milestones. In addition, parents may:

  • Learn ways to encourage your child’s development

  • Meet other parents

  • Discuss parenting issues

  • Maximize community resources


Summary of services: Referals are accepted from parents, physicians, public health nurses, social workers, child care providers and other community partners.

  • Assists families of infants, birth to 3 years, with any suspected or diagnosed developmental problem. The Program is available for children at risk for delay due to a premature birth.

  • Developmental assessment provided.

  • Information on child development is provided to parents.

  • Specific play activities taught that will assist with child’s development

  • Loans of toys, equipment and educational resources available

  • Provides information – written material, videos, workshops – regarding syndromes, developmental delays, medical problems to community members.

  • Programs consists of individual home/centre visits, parent and toddler group and hospital visits.

  • Provides support services including counseling, linking families, and assisting families to access other community services.

  • Family support is also available for chronic grief / bereavement issues when child related

Catchment area: Terrace and immediate area.

Caseload limit: All children from birth to age 3 are eligible.

Criteria for acceptance: Child has a special need; has a developmental delay in one or more areas of development; or is at risk for a developmental delay.

Funder: Ministry of Children and Family Development

All Centre programs are voluntary.